AMAZINGLY GOOD…..Incredibly theatrical, a visual feast…….. BIRMINGHAM, 1919.
The sets are a fabulous Industrial extravaganza !!! So dramatic!!! FILM/ART/THEATRE….allinone.


From writer Steven Knight, “Eastern Promises”, who redefined the British gangster epic.

MA Strong Violence
Sex Scenes
Drug use (Opium) and
Coarse language

Highly recommended by Caitriona Balfe.

And then there’s the SOUNDTRACK!!!

Nick Cave
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Jack White
The White Stripes
Tom Waits
Carrick Fergus (Traditional)

Loved, Lost and Forever Grieved

🧡🧡🧡 ELIAS, ZEN CAT 🧡🧡🧡

Missing now since the terrible heat and fires of last Wednesday …… the natural life of a
Tom Cat is fraught with dangers, from cars, the Ranger, traps, and people who really hate cats….I fear for him, but he was never ever mine.
A beautiful animal who came to me for Sanctuary, which I gave him willingly as well as two hearty meals a day whenever he stayed, flea treatment and worming, and medication for his sometimes terrible wounds from fighting.
I could pick him up and carry him, towel him dry when he arrived soaking wet….love him.
Kiss him on his golden head.
Even discussed with the Vet, the possibility of neutering him….but, so alert and wary was he, they advised me against trying to cage him as he would more than likely bite me, from sheer terror….I had been grazed by his teeth twice, when he was particularly stressed.
A small tiger….cared for, adored….gone!!!

The Deep


As a small child, living by the ocean
I learned how to swim
And then how to teach others
Being submerged in the moving, living, water
Was home, a blessing and a balm
From the dismaying difficulties
Of childhood
As I grew older, it was the depths I craved
Arm over arm, ploughing across the surface
Held no joy
But to dive under
Open eyed in the salty brine
Wriggling underwater like a fish
That was where I belonged
In the deep of it

And so it is in life
I have no appetite
For dwelling on the surface of experience
Give me depth

MA. ©️. Spring 2016

The Hunter

One of the most compelling and heartbreaking Movies I have ever seen…..
Yet I return to it several times a year, and am once more entranced with its terrible beauty.
WILLEM DAFOE is always perfection, a true Master of his Craft…..
THE TASMANIAN WILDERNESS is so beautifully filmed, one could just step right through the screen and be instantly lost in it !!!

Highly Recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

MargaretArlen ©️

Spring 2019


It fills me to the brim
Spills over
Leaks everywhere
A flood,
Once begun
Now rages
Beyond control,
Soaking me
To the bone,
The very marrow
Better you than closed doors and
Tidy feelings
Better you, you, you…..

MargaretArlen ©️
Spring 2014


I look into his face
So well loved I can trace every line
Every scar
And know the time that caused it
Know every tiny detail
The familiarity
A daily blessing
For despite the dread-full past
He still lives
And knowing what I know of him
The more beloved he is
Age and time ….our life
A strange unexpected dream
To be here now….
To be his wife

He sees me smiling
Knows my thinking
Remembering another Wedding Day
I was reluctant then to say
The words that bound me to him
He pauses, looks down
Collecting his emotions
Then turns, faces me
With a look of such intensity
Remembering his promises
He’s kept them
Every one

I look into his face
And see the sun.

For Claire and Jamie
MargaretArlen ©️
Photo courtesy of STARZ

Never My Love

I wonder if I will ever be done with Season 5…..

I see more, feel more, hurt more with each viewing, but there is beauty within the terrible….and terrible beauty.

NEVER MY LOVE….Plays on endless repeat, as I watch again and again.

So many evocative, traumatic, fierce, passionate, murderous, human, loving moments….the deep connection of family, whoever they may be.

“There’s been an attack on the ridge”, Jamie says.
“They’ve taken Claire. We’re gonna get her back.”

He’s cold and methodical, preparing himself for war. Dressed in Tartan, he leaves the homestead as clouds of black birds fly from their night roosts, filling the skies with their cries. Tears leak,and chills creep up and down my spine as he runs to the highest point on the ridge, to light the fiery cross.
The young men and the old gather….to go to war for him, for their Healer, Mistress Claire.

All is cruel brutality, as she and we escape to a refuge far away, where Jamie wraps her in his Tartan Plaid, says those very familiar words….
“Y’re shakin so hard it’s making my teeth rattle.”
Never My Love a soothing respite in the background.

His shocked face, seeing her….bound, gagged, brutally beaten.
But he knows….he of all people knows how this feels…..he can’t break down, instead he cuts her ties, holds her by the shoulders, tells her
“You are whole… are alive.”
Then with the greatest care, he wraps her gently in his plaid, lifts her up, carries her….and those powerful words echo in my mind…..

“A Bloodsoaked Adam, A Battered Eve.” DG

I cannot let go of this season, this episode…..So loving in its final moments,
So deeply steeped in the strength of Family…..Who would not wish for the Warriors of Old. For their Strength and Courage in Battle.
For their Honour, their Loyalty.

I long, I yearn, I grieve for Men like these.


Train Travel

The rocking forward motion
Dull metallic clinking
Soothing rythmic rolling
Scenes flashing by of Spring green pastures
Sheep flocks grazing
Fence posts leaning
Windmills whirring
Milk cows running
Windbreaks bracing
Silvery creeks rippling

Rocking, clanging, rythmic rolling

Spring 2012

Cigar and Whisky Magazine

He sat there, an expression of fierce intensity on his beautiful face….
Waiting, waiting for an answer, as cigar smoke filled the air.
Surrounded by the scent of finest Whisky and Leather….he waited,
YES,” I said…..Whatever the question, the answer is “YES.”


Never Give Up

Rejected 7 times auditioning for Game of Thrones, he was meant for better things…..but his ability to accept rejection over and over again, says so much about this man, SAM.

Courage, stubbornness, an innate faith in his own ability, and a solid background of hard work instilled in him by his creative Mother.
You’re an inspiration Mr Heughan.