Outlander Poems

His beauty is a mystery
To me
How this man ages, so very gracefully
I loved him from the moment we first met
Yet, as the experiences of living add their layers
Softly down upon him
He has emerged, fully formed
Deepened…..weathered like seasoned Oak
Strong and hardened to his core
A man of blood
A man of war….

And then there’s more
Lover, husband, father
Farmer, Chiefton, Family man
Man of the land, in which the blend
Of Love, Honour and Protection
Has strengthened his purpose
A man of God
A man of Grace
Burns in his eyes
Lights up his face

His beauty is still a mystery
To me

MargaretArlen ©️
For Jamie Fraser
Outlander Poems

A Historian’s Viewpoint


I FELL IN LOVE WITH JAMES FRASER through Claire’s eyes; as the main narrator she describes him in such fine detail, I know the essence of the man….through Diana’s descriptive prose and my very keen sense of smell, I too could pick him out of a crowded room of men, simply by his smell……a mixture of coffee, whisky, gunpowder, horses and manure, his sweat…..the deep male smell of him. His long graceful bones, the way his mane of copper russet bronze and auburn hair, lifts in stray wisps about his face, because he is either fiercely animated, or like a lions mane, falling around his shoulders in the frenzied passion of love making.
The quirk of his mouth, his wry humour, courage, honour and accomplishments.
A unique talent for absorbing both people, learning and languages into his life.
A man of big passions, ferocious loyalties and all encompassing generosity.

I FELL IN LOVE WITH JAMIE through Claire’s eyes, until so deeply absorbed in the “more real than life” story, Claire fell away. I was Claire…..living, loving, breathing him in, waiting for him to return from battle, from hunting, from visits with neighbouring Cherokee or working alongside him, and healing him.

AND THEN I FELL IN LOVE AGAIN, through Roger’s eyes. Roger knows Jamie when he arrives at Frasers Ridge….Roger, the “dog with a bone” Historian, has been hearing Claire’s story, researching Jamie’s History…..Culloden, Ardsmuir, Helwater. He has already developed a relationship with Jamie, two hundred years before he meets him (Yes my mind gets tied in knots too)!!! Before Claire leaves Inverness for the second time, Roger finds her fast asleep in the Reverend Wakefield’s Study, clutching the Ardsmuir Prison Records to her breast, her heart….he has a deep affection for Claire, and says to her sleeping figure, and to the long dead Jamie, “I don’t know who you were mate”, he whispered to the unseen Scot, “but you must have been something, to deserve her.”

And then there follows the catastrophic mess, through Lizzie’s mistaking Roger for the monster who has violated Brianna…..we know what follows, and once the two men have come to terms with each other, something beautiful happens.

ROGER AS NARRATOR won me over in a completely new way. He sees Jamie from a very different perspective. There’s understandingly, in the beginning, lingering resentment, but that changes subtly to begin with, as the two men take the measure of each other. I’m often brought to unexpected tears, by Roger’s reference to Jamie as “the big Scot.”
Why should that make me cry??? I think it’s the knowledge of how much suffering that big body has gone through….and, for some reason those words are a trigger for tears.
Roger refers to Jamie’s “panther like grace”, he wants his approval, and can’t help the jealousy he experiences around Jamie. One vivid description is of Jamie standing back, eyeing Roger dispassionately, as though he were buying a bullock at the saleyards. This comes about when Roger asks him “Teach me to fight.” There’s some brilliantly witty dialogue that follows with Jamie telling Roger he had his first sword at five…..Roger had a toy train with a red engine at the same age. But Roger is equally stubborn, also a man of learning and finally a deal is made. He describes his first experience with “the art of the sword, with Jamie Fraser as his opponent, as like fighting a cloud.”
But Jamie develops a strong affection and respect for Roger, and during the Ritualised Ceremony of The Fiery Cross, when Jamie calls out to him, “Come stand by me, Roger Jeremiah, son of my house”, there is a fierce pride and a belonging, a love for his Warrior Father-in-Law.

There is too much to include here. Roger as Narrator, brings James Fraser to life, in vivid detail that naturally is completely different to Claire’s. A man’s observation that also at times is unemotionally clinical in his Historian’s viewpoint of Jamie.

I LOVED JAMIE FRASER EVEN MORE, viewing him through Roger’s descriptive narration.

MargaretArlen ©️. Wednesday Writings
Spring, Central Victoria, Australia 2019.

References from Diana Gabaldon
And thanks to the talented Vera Adxer for her fabulous Art.



AND WE DON’T……we can dream, adore, respect, applaud, long for…..but all we ever know of this beautiful young Man, is what he allows us to see. Fiercely, he looks into the lens….no sunny smile, no sexy smoulder. He is and always will be an enigma, to me.
A consummate performer.
I look.
I Love.
I turn away.
A friend once said to me “the biggest gift I could give a Celebrity is to walk right on by, to leave them be.”
I love this photo, it’s as real and true as the beautiful smiling face we’re all accustomed to.



Series, A MALCOLM, Season 3

Reworking my way back from the beginning, waiting for this episode, as I just watched Jamie, “apparently betrayed by his sister Jenny” being hauled off in a wagon by the Redcoats, for his time in Arsdmuir Prison….

I’ll force myself to wait, as I’ve done so often before….making myself endure the pain of separation, because THEY had to….so, I must suffer with them.

A Malcom has some awkward moments when my inner critic was screaming “EDIT,” that simply didn’t work, and then there are other moments as Jamie and Claire rediscover their passion, their original bond, where I am held speechless, with the daring beauty of their joining….the two, now one.

The above was a scene of such tenderness, almost painful lovemaking (Jamie’s face, reveals all the agony and tumult of those lost years…passion, possessiveness…..jealousy)…..”You’re mine” etched into every line of his beautiful face. And she, Claire, open, vulnerable, holding him….knowing what he’s feeling.

These are the OUTLANDER moments, where I cannot look away, yet feel I should quietly turn, step aside, and close the door.
Caitriona and Sam have disappeared…..Claire and Jamie are alone, utterly embraced in their private cocoon of sexual joining, of coming home to each other.
Cameramen, Directors, Makeup and everyone else crowding that room, including millions of viewers, are gone….irrelevant, unheeded, forgotten.


Like an incurable addiction…….There will never be enough.


Summer, 2021



These gorgeous photos always move me so deeply, the love is so strongly felt here I revel in its beauty, once more celebrating extraordinarily sensitive acting and film making.

The intimacy of a marriage revealed as we the viewers watch it unfold on our screen……filmed, acted, directed with the lightest touch.
So beautifully made, I once more refer to the old Master’s Paintings.

A wife preparing for bed, desiring her husband….and he tired, has fallen asleep, as she anoints herself with her favourite perfume….a swift delicate touch behind ears, on wrists, between her breasts….then turning towards him, finds him sleeping. So, she puts desire aside and joins him.

And later, on waking, hot, sweaty, uncomfortable ….she gets up, leans out of the open bedroom window….lifts up her long damp hair to feel the fresh night air cool her overheated skin. But he doesn’t sleep on through the night, he senses her no longer there…reaches out for her, and later after joining her says
“I expect I feel lonely wi’out you.”
I have always felt both heartache and amazement….from the wedding night and throughout the entire story, Jamie is acutely sensitive to Claire’s presence even when sleeping.
He always wakes, asking if she is all right, can he do something for her…..and in this case he can, and he does.
So aware of his wife, so in tune with her body, he smells her perfume, a secret, intimate message, and says remorsefully…
“Sorry Sassenach, y’ wanted me and I fell asleep.”
Her soft response, “You were tired.” So tender, so loving.
And to this he responds, “You could wake me from the dead, for that Sassenach,” and now aroused, fully awake, he pleasures her.

In the hands of poor Acting, insensitive Directing ….this scene could have been nothing more than soft porn, but Outlander raises the bar, steps over the line and creates something sublime.

Truly beautiful, passionate Erotic Art.

I am terribly moved by this scene.


Jamie and Claire
Quotes from Diana Gabaldon

Series, Episode 511, Journeycake…..

Season 1 seemed for so long like the pinnacle of Outlander, with whatever followed, no matter how brilliant, never quite reaching that first extraordinary peak.

But Season 5, has ventured further than I could have possibly expected.

Having waited SO long for the DVD release, I have watched it countless times….finally deciding to go right back to the earliest beginnings.

The start of everything…..the reason we all reach out to each other across the planet, to say “Oh yes !!! Me too !!! 

And wonder at the people we know who don’t get it.

YET SEASON 5, goes where others fear to tread. Breaks down our culture’s dreary stereotypes, and shows us the Frasers in their 50’s, now Grandparents, and still holding that great passion for each other…..

MargaretArlen ©️


I look into his face
So well loved I can trace every line
Every scar
And know the time that caused it
Know every tiny detail
The familiarity
A daily blessing
For despite the dread-full past
He still lives
And knowing what I know of him
The more beloved he is
Age and time ….our life
A strange unexpected dream
To be here now….
To be his wife

He sees me smiling
Knows my thinking
Remembering another Wedding Day
I was reluctant then to say
The words that bound me to him
He pauses, looks down
Collecting his emotions
Then turns, faces me
With a look of such intensity
Remembering his promises
He’s kept them
Every one

I look into his face
And see the sun.

For Claire and Jamie
MargaretArlen ©️
Photo courtesy of STARZ

Never My Love

I wonder if I will ever be done with Season 5…..

I see more, feel more, hurt more with each viewing, but there is beauty within the terrible….and terrible beauty.

NEVER MY LOVE….Plays on endless repeat, as I watch again and again.

So many evocative, traumatic, fierce, passionate, murderous, human, loving moments….the deep connection of family, whoever they may be.

“There’s been an attack on the ridge”, Jamie says.
“They’ve taken Claire. We’re gonna get her back.”

He’s cold and methodical, preparing himself for war. Dressed in Tartan, he leaves the homestead as clouds of black birds fly from their night roosts, filling the skies with their cries. Tears leak,and chills creep up and down my spine as he runs to the highest point on the ridge, to light the fiery cross.
The young men and the old gather….to go to war for him, for their Healer, Mistress Claire.

All is cruel brutality, as she and we escape to a refuge far away, where Jamie wraps her in his Tartan Plaid, says those very familiar words….
“Y’re shakin so hard it’s making my teeth rattle.”
Never My Love a soothing respite in the background.

His shocked face, seeing her….bound, gagged, brutally beaten.
But he knows….he of all people knows how this feels…..he can’t break down, instead he cuts her ties, holds her by the shoulders, tells her
“You are whole…..you are alive.”
Then with the greatest care, he wraps her gently in his plaid, lifts her up, carries her….and those powerful words echo in my mind…..

“A Bloodsoaked Adam, A Battered Eve.” DG

I cannot let go of this season, this episode…..So loving in its final moments,
So deeply steeped in the strength of Family…..Who would not wish for the Warriors of Old. For their Strength and Courage in Battle.
For their Honour, their Loyalty.

I long, I yearn, I grieve for Men like these.


Cigar and Whisky Magazine

He sat there, an expression of fierce intensity on his beautiful face….
Waiting, waiting for an answer, as cigar smoke filled the air.
Surrounded by the scent of finest Whisky and Leather….he waited,
YES,” I said…..Whatever the question, the answer is “YES.”


Never Give Up

Rejected 7 times auditioning for Game of Thrones, he was meant for better things…..but his ability to accept rejection over and over again, says so much about this man, SAM.

Courage, stubbornness, an innate faith in his own ability, and a solid background of hard work instilled in him by his creative Mother.
You’re an inspiration Mr Heughan.



Wedding Night

Surrendering himself to his new bride’s touch
He stands, his entire body yearning
Almost melting into her
But giving in, allowing
As she slowly explores
His strong, beautiful young body…..

And she…..glides slender fingers
Across his skin, so slowly
Delaying, extending her pleasure
And his….
Until she turns, faces him
Looks down, then up into his face
His slanted dark blue eyes
Her wanting matching his
Sees him quivering with desire

She loosens the ties of her shift
And he moves quickly
Wraps strong arms around and lifts
Carries her willing
To their marriage bed
Enters her then, pleasures her
Until their voices cry out together
On that night when first they wed.

MargaretArlen ©️