Series, A MALCOLM, Season 3

Reworking my way back from the beginning, waiting for this episode, as I just watched Jamie, “apparently betrayed by his sister Jenny” being hauled off in a wagon by the Redcoats, for his time in Arsdmuir Prison….

I’ll force myself to wait, as I’ve done so often before….making myself endure the pain of separation, because THEY had to….so, I must suffer with them.

A Malcom has some awkward moments when my inner critic was screaming “EDIT,” that simply didn’t work, and then there are other moments as Jamie and Claire rediscover their passion, their original bond, where I am held speechless, with the daring beauty of their joining….the two, now one.

The above was a scene of such tenderness, almost painful lovemaking (Jamie’s face, reveals all the agony and tumult of those lost years…passion, possessiveness…..jealousy)…..”You’re mine” etched into every line of his beautiful face. And she, Claire, open, vulnerable, holding him….knowing what he’s feeling.

These are the OUTLANDER moments, where I cannot look away, yet feel I should quietly turn, step aside, and close the door.
Caitriona and Sam have disappeared…..Claire and Jamie are alone, utterly embraced in their private cocoon of sexual joining, of coming home to each other.
Cameramen, Directors, Makeup and everyone else crowding that room, including millions of viewers, are gone….irrelevant, unheeded, forgotten.


Like an incurable addiction…….There will never be enough.


Summer, 2021


AND LIKE small
We still think
We have time
Time for change
Time to move
Time for Love

But that’s a lie
Is it not???
Time is finite….
And one fine day
Or darkening night
Time will say….
It’s up
That’s it
You’re done!!!

And no one
Can change
What happens

Death who walks
Beside us
Now takes hold
And carries us away….

And no body
Can do a thing
About it !!!

MA. ©️. Summer 2018

Photo by Stuart Edmondson.w



These gorgeous photos always move me so deeply, the love is so strongly felt here I revel in its beauty, once more celebrating extraordinarily sensitive acting and film making.

The intimacy of a marriage revealed as we the viewers watch it unfold on our screen……filmed, acted, directed with the lightest touch.
So beautifully made, I once more refer to the old Master’s Paintings.

A wife preparing for bed, desiring her husband….and he tired, has fallen asleep, as she anoints herself with her favourite perfume….a swift delicate touch behind ears, on wrists, between her breasts….then turning towards him, finds him sleeping. So, she puts desire aside and joins him.

And later, on waking, hot, sweaty, uncomfortable ….she gets up, leans out of the open bedroom window….lifts up her long damp hair to feel the fresh night air cool her overheated skin. But he doesn’t sleep on through the night, he senses her no longer there…reaches out for her, and later after joining her says
“I expect I feel lonely wi’out you.”
I have always felt both heartache and amazement….from the wedding night and throughout the entire story, Jamie is acutely sensitive to Claire’s presence even when sleeping.
He always wakes, asking if she is all right, can he do something for her…..and in this case he can, and he does.
So aware of his wife, so in tune with her body, he smells her perfume, a secret, intimate message, and says remorsefully…
“Sorry Sassenach, y’ wanted me and I fell asleep.”
Her soft response, “You were tired.” So tender, so loving.
And to this he responds, “You could wake me from the dead, for that Sassenach,” and now aroused, fully awake, he pleasures her.

In the hands of poor Acting, insensitive Directing ….this scene could have been nothing more than soft porn, but Outlander raises the bar, steps over the line and creates something sublime.

Truly beautiful, passionate Erotic Art.

I am terribly moved by this scene.


Jamie and Claire
Quotes from Diana Gabaldon

Series, Episode 511, Journeycake…..

Season 1 seemed for so long like the pinnacle of Outlander, with whatever followed, no matter how brilliant, never quite reaching that first extraordinary peak.

But Season 5, has ventured further than I could have possibly expected.

Having waited SO long for the DVD release, I have watched it countless times….finally deciding to go right back to the earliest beginnings.

The start of everything…..the reason we all reach out to each other across the planet, to say “Oh yes !!! Me too !!! 

And wonder at the people we know who don’t get it.

YET SEASON 5, goes where others fear to tread. Breaks down our culture’s dreary stereotypes, and shows us the Frasers in their 50’s, now Grandparents, and still holding that great passion for each other…..

MargaretArlen ©️

Stormy Weather

As the Auld Gods
Roar across the skies
Birds cheeping
Frogs croaking
Dog and Cats inside
Fearful of the cataclysm!!!

Not I
This stormy weather
This rooftop music
This longed for change
This coolness
On my skin
This balm from heat.

Yet no wonder
If the animals flee
With sounds like great rocks
But for me
The Gods are speaking
And I sit still
And listen.

MA©️. Summer 2018

Kindred Spirits

A MEETING OF STRANGERS…..or, the 2020 effect!!!

Late yesterday, just before dusk after a very hot day, I took my dog into the Forest. There’s a good swimming hole which has been created by 4WD’s bush bashing, now full of clean water after last week’s rain.
Eerin’s not a swimmer….she likes to wade up to her armpits, wading and lapping at the same time. Then she climbs out onto the muddy bank, throws herself onto her back and rolls ecstatically among the reeds….partly drying off, and collecting some mud to go.
We then return to the Velodrome, which also serves as our local dog park.
Even if everyone else has gone home, there is an abundance of smells that need marking (pissed on), nose to the ground she inspects the oval of grass while I walk around the outside, on the flat concrete pathway.
Cyclists sometimes arrive and go whirring past on the high sloping walls….we don’t bother them, nor they us.

Yesterday was different. As we left the water hole, I saw a man coming directly towards us, his dog, a Border Collie known to both Eerin and me, running ahead to greet her. We waved, then they headed one way, we, the other….only to find he had done a circuit outside the Velodrome and was heading straight towards me. So, we said hello. I mentioned I often met his wife and their dog while walking in the forest. He observed that my dog had a beautiful gait, which I have often written about
…..she has the movement of a wolf….an easy lope which I love to watch as she moves ahead of me. When he asked about her breed and I said Koolie, he had never heard the name. “They’re one of the oldest breeds in the Country, I said, and told him a little of their history…..then made a casual comment saying how great it was not having to wear masks outside anymore.

“I never have, he scoffed at me….”only when I have to inside supermarkets…..Covid is a farce, it doesn’t exist….it’s all a Government scam.”

FIRSTLY, I am always underwhelmed by people who attempt to lecture, or patronise me. A moment of consideration, and I told him I absolutely disagreed with him, that the evidence was overwhelmingly convincing, apparent (for anyone with an actively working brain), inside my head.
“So, I won’t argue with you….dogs are a much easier subject. Her ancestry originated from our earliest Scottish settlers, sheep farmers who brought their Blue Merle Collies with them, and the German Lutheran farmers with their work dogs, called Tigers (Teegers).

Back on safe ground, with me realising I had accepted his offered hand shake (we are all still practicing social distancing), I had been caught off guard by this dying, but very appreciated form of connection…a strong handshake (no limp fish or sweaty palms), so I was both gratified and thinking about the hand sanitizer in my nearby car.

But I had mentioned Scotland, and as he again referred to the Covid scam, I looked straight at him, this total stranger and said “Scottish….stubborn as rocks.” I liked him. He was tough looking, but openly friendly….he draped his hands over the Velodrome fence, and discussed family Ancestry, joking about a dreary family gathering where not much concerning bloodlines was discussed….”just a lot of old buggers whinging” he grinned at me.

We continued talking…a strange, unexpected intimacy. He mentioned a book he’d read just last year, on past lives, written by a highly respected Psychiatrist…..I finished his sentence, mentioning the Authors name, telling him I had just ordered it from our local Library. The ease of conversation was uncanny as we discovered more and more coincidence, synchronicity, and a sense we both shared of being strongly affected by our “living dead.” A sense of them wanting to connect….me, “wanting to complete what they were unable to finish.”

And then we parted ways….he walking along the outside path, Eerin sniffing grass and me walking the inside pathway.
Before veering off into the Forest, he once more leaned over the railing above me, and commented on my dog’s beautiful movement….”Yes” I said, I’ve written about it, “the hour between dog and wolf, this time of day when the veil is thin, when you are aware that your domesticated canine is no longer there.”
He looked at me and said. “I apologise for my earlier arrogance,” and then left.

Spring, Central Victoria, 2020

The Deep


As a small child, living by the ocean
I learned how to swim
And then how to teach others
Being submerged in the moving, living, water
Was home, a blessing and a balm
From the dismaying difficulties
Of childhood
As I grew older, it was the depths I craved
Arm over arm, ploughing across the surface
Held no joy
But to dive under
Open eyed in the salty brine
Wriggling underwater like a fish
That was where I belonged
In the deep of it

And so it is in life
I have no appetite
For dwelling on the surface of experience
Give me depth

MA. ©️. Spring 2016



AMAZINGLY GOOD…..Incredibly theatrical, a visual feast…….. BIRMINGHAM, 1919.
The sets are a fabulous Industrial extravaganza !!! So dramatic!!! FILM/ART/THEATRE….allinone.


From writer Steven Knight, “Eastern Promises”, who redefined the British gangster epic.

MA Strong Violence
Sex Scenes
Drug use (Opium) and
Coarse language

Highly recommended by Caitriona Balfe.

And then there’s the SOUNDTRACK!!!

Nick Cave
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Jack White
The White Stripes
Tom Waits
Carrick Fergus (Traditional)

Loved, Lost and Forever Grieved

🧡🧡🧡 ELIAS, ZEN CAT 🧡🧡🧡

Missing now since the terrible heat and fires of last Wednesday …… the natural life of a
Tom Cat is fraught with dangers, from cars, the Ranger, traps, and people who really hate cats….I fear for him, but he was never ever mine.
A beautiful animal who came to me for Sanctuary, which I gave him willingly as well as two hearty meals a day whenever he stayed, flea treatment and worming, and medication for his sometimes terrible wounds from fighting.
I could pick him up and carry him, towel him dry when he arrived soaking wet….love him.
Kiss him on his golden head.
Even discussed with the Vet, the possibility of neutering him….but, so alert and wary was he, they advised me against trying to cage him as he would more than likely bite me, from sheer terror….I had been grazed by his teeth twice, when he was particularly stressed.
A small tiger….cared for, adored….gone!!!

The Deep


As a small child, living by the ocean
I learned how to swim
And then how to teach others
Being submerged in the moving, living, water
Was home, a blessing and a balm
From the dismaying difficulties
Of childhood
As I grew older, it was the depths I craved
Arm over arm, ploughing across the surface
Held no joy
But to dive under
Open eyed in the salty brine
Wriggling underwater like a fish
That was where I belonged
In the deep of it

And so it is in life
I have no appetite
For dwelling on the surface of experience
Give me depth

MA. ©️. Spring 2016

The Hunter

One of the most compelling and heartbreaking Movies I have ever seen…..
Yet I return to it several times a year, and am once more entranced with its terrible beauty.
WILLEM DAFOE is always perfection, a true Master of his Craft…..
THE TASMANIAN WILDERNESS is so beautifully filmed, one could just step right through the screen and be instantly lost in it !!!

Highly Recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

MargaretArlen ©️

Spring 2019