Breaking Taboos…ln the cabin by the lake.

There was, after all, nothing to fear. Her body remembers, instinctively.

And coming apart, suddenly shy again, but he grabs her quickly by the hand, turns her towards him, smiling….brushing dirt, twigs, dried leaves from each other’s clothes, hair, she feels safe once more. Trusting him.

He opens the door, leans down smiling, removes  the last dead leaves still caught in her hair, beckons her, inviting.

Inside, sparsely furnished with a single bed, a cupboard, a wood fire stove, small table, some wooden chairs, two windows letting light stream onto the wooden floor, the patterned rug, and through the door, late afternoon sun shimmers on the still surface of the lake.

He brings her water from the outside tank, rummages around in the cupboard, finds a loaf of heavy bread, cheese, chutney, apples and a bottle of wine. She sits watching his swift, graceful movements, his hair come loose, falling forward momentarily hiding his face, his beautiful bones. She sketches him with her eyes, tracing the fine lines , and catching her watching him, he laughs suddenly….”I love feeling you watching me”,  hands her a glass of dark red wine, leans in, kisses her, and floods her mouth with the first taste of it, mingled with him. Neither of them are really hungry, and as dusk descends she wants to go out to the water.  So very peaceful here, soft sounds of birds twittering to each other as they settle for the night, a flight of ducks skimming across the surface , then quiet descends. They don’t talk, perhaps there will be time for that later, for now, the peaceful bliss of this bright new thing seems to fill them both…a quiet ease.  And all through the night, on the small single bed, they couple and join, again and again….her hunger excites him. And in between, exploring each other, wordless touching, fingers drifting over bone, hair, warm flesh and soft, full lips,  she feels herself drowning, lets every last thought leave her mind, leave fear behind, holding him, holding him.

Excerpt from Breaking Taboos, an Erotic Fantasy