CHEMISTRY…..what a strange mystery it is, that out of the hundreds of men who live, breathe and go about the business of their day, doing the myriad things that they do….ONE alone has this affect, this magnetic pull, even as she fights against it, picks the feelings apart intellectually, turns, avoids….suddenly she is confronted with him unexpectedly in the alley.  Intellect forgotten in a breath….there he is!!!

THERE HE IS…..he smiles, he speaks….she responds, heart hammering, legs suddenly weak, she is alive, alight, back, caught up in the dream….. all she can see in her mind’s eye, for the rest of the day, is his slanted blue eyes, his lean, strong body….and still in her inner ear, the sound of his voice.  Chemistry, this inexplicable thing. Tone, the expression , the sound of his voice as compelling, as his physical being.  If he spoke, sounded different….no matter how he looked….there would be no chemistry. There would be nothing.