I LIKED THE FIRST MOVIE….. it had substance, was sleek, sexy and beautifully filmed. Despite the avalanche of corny comments and infantile innuendo…..and the unredeemable style of writer, ELJames, the background to this story was about the horrific results of childhood trauma and violent abuse.

It’s been a long time between films, and its a pallid follow up. The two leads are ok..
.Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele is beautiful and appealing. Jamie Dornan, as Christian Grey is ok, even likeable…but, as an Actor, he has a very limited range.
Slow paced, with screen writing that gave the two leads very little to work with.

The film is rated MA (strong sex scenes)
SERIOUSLY…..this is a film for middle class conservatives to get all hot and bothered. Even the soundtrack was a let down.