No idea now, where we are going, I turn and look at him, his face in repose, focusing on the road.

“ I trust you, or I wouldn’t be here”, but it’s important I know where you’re taking me.” He turns, looking deep into me.

“You will be quite safe, I promise you”.

“It’s not that” I say, “but, once we begin, I need to be somewhere where I can scream, I can already feel it rising up in me. I know I’m going to start screaming “

He reaches his left hand across, and places it between my legs, feeling me, already wet, turns a burning gaze, then his wide pirate’s grin.

“ all right, then, I know just the place.”

I take his hand, press his long fingers deep, clench my thighs around him. Are we almost there?

My earlier fear has vanished like mist, now I burn all over, hungry for him….he laughs then, leaning his head back, really laughing.

I think this is going to work, after all.

Still holding him, as he drives slowly, one handed.


LEAVING THE MAIN ROAD he has to take his hand away, smiles at her, licks it, the taste of her on his tongue….salt, sweet, spicy, and turning into a bush track she sees way ahead a small timber shack almost hidden in the trees and the shimmer of water, a lake.  They come together, laughing now….all the tension left behind….fumbling at each other’s clothes in their haste, she feels weakness pulling her down, and staggering, halfway between the car and the cabin, they lie among the bush grasses, the dried gum leaves and she takes him, guides him in……tears come at the gorgeous solid feel of him deep inside her. Undulating like snakes, her hands in his hair, his mouth everywhere, him moaning deep in his throat as she feels the scream, hears it distantly as the blood roars in her ears…..and a tiny far away thought. There was, after all, nothing to fear. Her body remembers instinctively.


Excerpt from “Breaking Taboos,” an Erotic Fantasy