(On that morning of heavy rain)

Gazing into an ocean of blue, her fingers still tangled in his hair, her body limp from the tumult of their lovemaking she feels herself drifting, sees his eyelids close, feels his body relaxing into sleep, feels her fingers uncurl, let go….joins him.  And the rain keeps up a blessed steady drumbeat on the tin roof of their sanctuary.

Waking cold, in an empty bed, she turns, looks for him. He stands, naked, back turned to her, arms raised, hands braced in the open doorway. His back in shadow, his body rimmed with light from the mid afternoon sun, hair loose upon his shoulders. Her etheric body leaves the bed, walks softly across bare boards, wraps arms around him….breathes him in, the intoxicating male smell of him.

But she remains there in the narrow rumpled bed, eyes fixed on this image….observing the shapes and curves, the long lean lines, the inner stillness of him….as he looks outwards, belonging to no one….not her, not she…..he is simply there, framed against the light, pure being.

BEFORE NIGHT FALLS she turns to him, watches him lock the door, come, link fingers with her as they walk towards the lake. All is stillness and shimmer on the water as they sit quietly, bodies touching…..breathing in the peace of it, breathing in each other.

By unspoken agreement, she leaves first, not wanting to watch him drive away…..and later, at the Lilypond she feeds her fish, their golden bodies rising, creating tiny ripples on the water….a vivid memory to take with her into sleep… fill her dreams….and waking in the night, she weeps, finding herself cold, alone, no longer home.

Excerpt from Breaking Taboos