ITS HAPPENED BEFORE, Coincidence or serendipity, he has arrived at his car at the same time as me, parked side by side,  has waved or smiled.

Aware of me. Today he turns unexpectedly, walks over. Stands there, lean limbed, relaxed, yet holding something back, some strong emotion, feeling, not smiling.  “What is it, what do you have against me?” He says….a sharp intake of breath….fingers drumming on the roof of my car.

Seated inside, window down, looking up at him, I am unprepared and vulnerable, utterly guileless.  He has noticed me often lower my eyes, look away.

“What do I have against you?” …..”Nothing…. I have nothing at all againlst you, and that is a great sorrow to me.” I am neither witty, clever or flirtatious, just straightforward, and he’s so surprised he has no response….just stands back from the car, straightens up, smiles and walks away.

He walks away from me.