Loved, Lost and Forever Grieved

🧡🧡🧡 ELIAS, ZEN CAT 🧡🧡🧡

Missing now since the terrible heat and fires of last Wednesday …… the natural life of a
Tom Cat is fraught with dangers, from cars, the Ranger, traps, and people who really hate cats….I fear for him, but he was never ever mine.
A beautiful animal who came to me for Sanctuary, which I gave him willingly as well as two hearty meals a day whenever he stayed, flea treatment and worming, and medication for his sometimes terrible wounds from fighting.
I could pick him up and carry him, towel him dry when he arrived soaking wet….love him.
Kiss him on his golden head.
Even discussed with the Vet, the possibility of neutering him….but, so alert and wary was he, they advised me against trying to cage him as he would more than likely bite me, from sheer terror….I had been grazed by his teeth twice, when he was particularly stressed.
A small tiger….cared for, adored….gone!!!