Never My Love

I wonder if I will ever be done with Season 5…..

I see more, feel more, hurt more with each viewing, but there is beauty within the terrible….and terrible beauty.

NEVER MY LOVE….Plays on endless repeat, as I watch again and again.

So many evocative, traumatic, fierce, passionate, murderous, human, loving moments….the deep connection of family, whoever they may be.

“There’s been an attack on the ridge”, Jamie says.
“They’ve taken Claire. We’re gonna get her back.”

He’s cold and methodical, preparing himself for war. Dressed in Tartan, he leaves the homestead as clouds of black birds fly from their night roosts, filling the skies with their cries. Tears leak,and chills creep up and down my spine as he runs to the highest point on the ridge, to light the fiery cross.
The young men and the old gather….to go to war for him, for their Healer, Mistress Claire.

All is cruel brutality, as she and we escape to a refuge far away, where Jamie wraps her in his Tartan Plaid, says those very familiar words….
“Y’re shakin so hard it’s making my teeth rattle.”
Never My Love a soothing respite in the background.

His shocked face, seeing her….bound, gagged, brutally beaten.
But he knows….he of all people knows how this feels…..he can’t break down, instead he cuts her ties, holds her by the shoulders, tells her
“You are whole… are alive.”
Then with the greatest care, he wraps her gently in his plaid, lifts her up, carries her….and those powerful words echo in my mind…..

“A Bloodsoaked Adam, A Battered Eve.” DG

I cannot let go of this season, this episode…..So loving in its final moments,
So deeply steeped in the strength of Family…..Who would not wish for the Warriors of Old. For their Strength and Courage in Battle.
For their Honour, their Loyalty.

I long, I yearn, I grieve for Men like these.