Series, Episode 511, Journeycake…..

Season 1 seemed for so long like the pinnacle of Outlander, with whatever followed, no matter how brilliant, never quite reaching that first extraordinary peak.

But Season 5, has ventured further than I could have possibly expected.

Having waited SO long for the DVD release, I have watched it countless times….finally deciding to go right back to the earliest beginnings.

The start of everything…..the reason we all reach out to each other across the planet, to say “Oh yes !!! Me too !!! 

And wonder at the people we know who don’t get it.

YET SEASON 5, goes where others fear to tread. Breaks down our culture’s dreary stereotypes, and shows us the Frasers in their 50’s, now Grandparents, and still holding that great passion for each other…..

Still very much in love.

These scenes I’ve chosen are deeply affecting…..visually beautiful with that perfectly soft lighting that so often makes Outlander’s indoor scenes resemble Old Master’s Paintings. I am so touched by the fact, that after all these years together, Jamie still wakes up if Claire leaves their bed.

“I guess I feel lonely wi’out y’, Sassenach.”

From the Wedding night, and all the time since….this is how it is.

We see him, having fallen asleep while reading, fully dressed on top of the bed….we watch Claire applying her special perfume, unaware that he has fallen asleep…..she turns towards him, but there’s no resentment, just acceptance…..and later, she wakes, hot and sweating, going to the open window to lean out and breathe in the cold night air.

We see Jamie, stirring….his hand reaching out into the empty space beside him. We see him swing his legs off the bed and go to her, embrace her.

Inhale her scent…..the beauty and shared humour of them holding each other, inhaling each other’s scents.

But it’s these simple few words that pierced my heart with longing, for such a man ….

“Ohhhh, y’re wearing your special perfume….you wanted me, and I fell asleep, I’m sorry,“ and Claire’s soft response….”You were tired.”

And then, of course, all that follows.

The depth of understanding, their ongoing passion for each other.

We watch, we yearn, we laugh, we burn with them.

Blazing like twin stars through the open window out into the night.

MargaretArlen ©️ Spring, Central Victoria

Quotes from Diana Gabaldon