These gorgeous photos always move me so deeply, the love is so strongly felt here I revel in its beauty, once more celebrating extraordinarily sensitive acting and film making.

The intimacy of a marriage revealed as we the viewers watch it unfold on our screen……filmed, acted, directed with the lightest touch.
So beautifully made, I once more refer to the old Master’s Paintings.

A wife preparing for bed, desiring her husband….and he tired, has fallen asleep, as she anoints herself with her favourite perfume….a swift delicate touch behind ears, on wrists, between her breasts….then turning towards him, finds him sleeping. So, she puts desire aside and joins him.

And later, on waking, hot, sweaty, uncomfortable ….she gets up, leans out of the open bedroom window….lifts up her long damp hair to feel the fresh night air cool her overheated skin. But he doesn’t sleep on through the night, he senses her no longer there…reaches out for her, and later after joining her says
“I expect I feel lonely wi’out you.”
I have always felt both heartache and amazement….from the wedding night and throughout the entire story, Jamie is acutely sensitive to Claire’s presence even when sleeping.
He always wakes, asking if she is all right, can he do something for her…..and in this case he can, and he does.
So aware of his wife, so in tune with her body, he smells her perfume, a secret, intimate message, and says remorsefully…
“Sorry Sassenach, y’ wanted me and I fell asleep.”
Her soft response, “You were tired.” So tender, so loving.
And to this he responds, “You could wake me from the dead, for that Sassenach,” and now aroused, fully awake, he pleasures her.

In the hands of poor Acting, insensitive Directing ….this scene could have been nothing more than soft porn, but Outlander raises the bar, steps over the line and creates something sublime.

Truly beautiful, passionate Erotic Art.

I am terribly moved by this scene.


Jamie and Claire
Quotes from Diana Gabaldon

Series, Episode 511, Journeycake…..

Season 1 seemed for so long like the pinnacle of Outlander, with whatever followed, no matter how brilliant, never quite reaching that first extraordinary peak.

But Season 5, has ventured further than I could have possibly expected.

Having waited SO long for the DVD release, I have watched it countless times….finally deciding to go right back to the earliest beginnings.

The start of everything…..the reason we all reach out to each other across the planet, to say “Oh yes !!! Me too !!! 

And wonder at the people we know who don’t get it.

YET SEASON 5, goes where others fear to tread. Breaks down our culture’s dreary stereotypes, and shows us the Frasers in their 50’s, now Grandparents, and still holding that great passion for each other…..

MargaretArlen ©️