Two days ago I had lunch with friends, some I hadn’t seen in more years than I can say; others, who live near to me, I see infrequently….but time, all those years gone by, mean nothing. All of us worked in Melbourne in the Music Industry, at the same establishment…..once a Brothel with three main rooms, in the heart of the City, converted to a Folk/Jazz Club. We worked separately and with each other every Friday and Saturday night for many years.

Like Acting, playing music and singing with one or more people involves careful timing, acute attention to the other; if you really mean it, you dig deep, sinking into the heart and soul of the song….forgetting yourself completely. There is ONLY the music.
Like Acting you live, feel, are the song, the story the written word is telling.
Alone, as a solo Artist there is nothing but the song you’re singing and the audience….a powerful chemistry, charged with emotion…’re living it, and for that space in time, so are the people who are listening…..and, they did.
Then there is the bond between two singers, or the singer and the creative musician who accompanies your singing….holding you, supporting you, through their nimble fingers also telling the story. We look into each other’s eyes, a straightforward necessity for timing, for the subtle nod that gives them space to play an instrumental… so much more with their skills that I, the singer lacked. If they really mean it, feel the story deeply, you see into the heart and soul of the other.

THIS WEEK I REMEMBERED….Those ties that bind between us all, stay, keep us forever connected. Time passes, the years go by, but it is of no consequence.
We are, and will be, forever linked.

My heart is full, with the remembering.

Photo taken at Frank Traynors
By Tony Standish