The Wedding

He stood before me
At the old church door
A vision of such splendour
I forgot every promise I’d made before
This moment

Strength, beauty, kindness, grace
All made clear
On his beautiful face
In this moment….I forgot my fear
My misgivings
The husband I’d left only weeks before
I forgot my past life
Walked up to the door
And as he took my arm
As he led me inside
All I wanted in this moment
Was to be his bride

The cuts were deep
The blood flowed free
The ties that bound us
Soaked and bloody
I looked up into his clear blue eyes
Down at the linen binding ties
And cared not for what may come
Or what was left behind
In this moment
I am his
He is mine

In this moment
Before the Altar
Of the new Gods and the Auld
I surrendered the past
Knew In my soul I was bound to him
This would be my last
My one, my only love
My kin

In this moment
In this Sacred place
In the eyes looking back at me
In his beautiful face

Mine, His
There is only this
Back then
Yet, here, opening up to him
There is only this
This Holy tie that binds
As the Priest intones
You my kiss your bride
In this moment

I give myself to you now
As bloods drips from the ties
That bind our vow
He is my husband
I his wife
Bound body and soul
Bound for life

Nothing exists
Between us now
But this

This first kiss.