I’ve got this clear image in my mind….it’s really a painting, or a film….but I’m a writer so I’ll have to show it with words.

I’m way, way out in a stormy sea. Huge waves, the kind that used to sink sailing ships, threaten to engulf me….a tiny human clinging to the only piece of flotsam I have ….my IPAD. In this story, the IPad floats, it is impervious to salt water…..even though it’s disconnected from the WorldWideWeb, it keeps working.

I kick feebly with my legs, hold on tight with my left hand, while the fingers on my right, still tap out messages to the world.

THIS IS ALL I HAVE, Then I remember my animals….what happened to them?
But they are safe…my dog, my cat, my little hen are riding out the storm perched on my back.

A toddler floats by, clutching an IPhone,
Iistening to music and playing games.

Who knows when this storm will end….I’m afraid of drowning, but this sturdy little IPad seems indestructible…..perhaps it will still be receiving messages when I finally tire, and go under.

Who knows…..definitely not me.

MA©️ Spring 2020