The Parting Kiss

“Fighting gives y’ a terrible cockstand,”
He’d once said when first we wed
And now, he clutches me against his young body
So full of all the things men feel
When going off to war

I open my mouth to his kiss
His tongue making love to me
Hear the small urgent sounds in his throat
Feel his need pressing hard against my belly
And in this moment, I could lift his kilt
Take him in….hold him, keep him safe
From every thing that would take him away from me

But he pulls apart, eyes filled with regret
Turns, and at the door, pauses
Bows deep, turns again
Walks through the door to join his men

And I stand, left bereft
Still feeling his need, his heat
Now hearing the sickening sounds of war
And pray “Dear God above, protect this man I love
For I am bound now, heart, soul and body
I love hm more than words can say

Bring him home to me
By the closing of this day.”


First line from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander