The Night Garden


I’ve been standing under a high bright moon, surrounded by the peaceful benevolence of all the half lit, shadowy shapes of the plants ….apart from the huge old Peppercorn Tree, every one of them, planted by me. As I grow older, the garden gets wilder, the birds don’t mind that I’ve not weeded….they thrive on the grasses soon to be seeded. Nothing moves here, but light and shadows, as the warmth of Spring makes everything grow, growing daily towards the sun, resting under the moon when the day is done.
Peace on earth.
Goodwill towards men.
I go to my bed
To rest, to sleep
To rise again
From my big oak bed
And go once more
Leaving dreams
I’ve shed
To go
Once more
To the Day Garden.
Circles turning round
And round
Nothing lost
Nothing found
Back in my house
completely surrounded
I’m still cloaked in the comfort
Of the plants
In the ground
The plants that grow
Planted by me
Beneath the benevolent
Old Peppercorn Tree.

Ma©️. SPRING 2018