Two different Stories

Two photos, so similar yet so very different.

JAMIE FRASER on the left is full of hope, curiosity, desire, and a firm conviction that Claire will be his. They have just dismounted after that long, wet ride…..”her lovely round arse tucked tight between his thighs.”
The warmth of her body still lingers, the smell of her surrounds him….but she is English, a Sassenach, so there is wariness mixed with wanting.
She insists on tending his wounds, so he follows her into the Castle, discreetly adjusting his plaid.

JAMIE FRASER on the right is hungry, haggard, full of desperation and despair. Everything he and Claire have worked SO HARD to stop, is coming at them. He is boiling with anger, as minutes before, the Bonnie Prince left him, stating “Today is the day, James.”
(Who among us didn’t want to strangle him with our bare hands)?
And soon after, at the Standing Stones with Claire; my skin prickles all over as I write the words down, he tells her “My destiny lies on Culloden Moor.”
So much grief between them, between us….it flows over.
Nothing can contain the loss we feel.

Diana lifts us up, fills us with joy….then plunges us into the abyss.
All is lost….or so it seems.
Except….it isn’t.
I will never tire of this Story……Their Story.

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“Quotes from Diana Gabaldon