WILLYUM ? day 4, after his stroke.

Basking in the Wintry sun….deep tissue massage into foot pads and thigh muscles, a helping hand to balance when he’s needed it, and he’s almost fully recovered. A stranger seeing him wouldn’t notice the slight difference in his walking (and it IS slight). All the love and encouragement that poured in won’t make the slightest difference to Him, but it certainly helped me. I love all my animals, but when I found a cage of tiny kittens, all Tabbies, at the Talbot Farmers Market…..grey and ginger (there were about 15 of them) cold, terrified farm kittens who’d obviously never been handled. I set out to have two …..a litter brother and sister.
How on earth do you choose? In the bottom corner of the cage, was Willyum. Obviously the “runt” of the litter, absolutely skeletal. I didn’t choose him out of pity. Willyum simply looked up at me or I should say, into me, with his big, celodon green eyes. It was like being shot through the heart. “That one”, I said. And then I looked for Maerie. “She’s a spitfire, That one” the owner said, which translated to me that she had tried very hard to escape capture. They have both been with me now for 12 years, my joyful, witty little yoga practitioners, but because of his early, desperate beginnings, never getting enough food, Willyum has been the one with health issues….always set back days after early vaccinations….whereas Maerie sailed through with no problems. I am convinced that the combined flea/worm treatment caused his temporary paralysis.
Before, when they were sold separately, a weeks wait between treatments was strongly advised.
I will never used this combined product again!!!
So, for anyone reading this, perhaps it may be useful.

Thank you all ? for the love, care and suggestions.